At Fleurenville, we understand that to care is both an act and a mindset. For three decades now, Fleurenville Montana has been passionate about the well-being of the Fleuries that call the centre home. We continue this legacy with our new facility in Montana. The experienced care staff have the added support of state of the art facilities and equipment. Fleurenville Aged Care Centre(ACC) is the ultimate contribution to the South African elderly care spectrum.

Fleurenville ACC provides for assisted living as well as the care of elderly persons in need of extra specialised accommodation and nursing services. A separate unit with the focus on dementia, alzheimer's and physical debilitation needs is included.

  • Dining room - Sit back, relax and enjoy three nutritious meals per day, every day of the year. Meals can be provided according to medical/docter/dietician prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy, Tuckshop, Hair Salon, Beauty, Library, Laundry Facilities and bus service
  • Medical Practitioners visit residents in the comfort of their own units
  • The friendly housekeeping team will see to it that living units are cleaned regularly
  • An Occupational and Music Therapist offering their services weekly
  • Lounges are available throughout the facility and include activites such as TV, videogames, pooltable, boardgames and serving of tea
  • Verandah/Stoepie (reception and dinning room)
  • Boma